Research Centres & Groups

Our Research Centres are each leaders in their fields, bringing valuable insight and new thinking to entrepreneurs, innovators, managers, leaders, and policy makers. 

Research at DCU Business School advances knowledge and professional practice. We focus on strategic and operational challenges facing modern organisations. Building on the deep academic expertise of our people, strong national and international research partnerships, and active industry engagement.

Each of our Research Centres is a leader in its field. Their insights on leadership and innovation, cloud computing and commerce, family business and modelling and simulation are directly relevant to the leaders and managers of today and tomorrow.    


The DCU Leadership and Talent Institute

Ireland’s first leadership and talent centre of excellence and learning, brings together leading international researchers in HRM, Organizational Behaviour and Psychology and Strategy to produce fresh perspectives on the management of workplaces of the future.


The DCU Centre for Family Business

A centre of research-driven expertise and advice specific to family businesses in Ireland, but increasingly relevant to international audiences, too. The Centre translates leading Irish and international research into best practice for current family business owners and their successors.


The Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4)

IC4 is DCU’s exciting, agile research centre, which uses a lean, rapid-cycle approach to accelerate the development and adoption of Cloud Computing across all sectors. It functions as a powerful showcase of Ireland's strong capability in the field.


Research Expertise Groups

Our academic groups have an unparalleled combination of deep industry engagement and innovative research models.



The Accounting Group explores issues ranging from accounting education and CPD training approaches to the complexities of the auditing and taxation environment, and the evolving role of management accountants in business. 


Economics, Finance and Entrepreneurship

The Economics, Finance and Entrepreneurship Group tackles pressing, real world issues impacting business and industrial policy, including sustainable energy, life sciences, software sectors, and new firms and family business activity.


Human Resource & Organisational Behaviour

Research in the Human Resource & Organisational Behaviour Group ranges from the impact of leadership styles to the management of talent, the role of trust and the significance of networks, the group’s research has found application in multinationals firms and SMEs, knowledge intensive companies and the pubic sector. It regularly hosts influential industry round tables and an advisory to Enterprise Ireland and Invest Northern Ireland’ s management programmes.



The Management Group undertakes key problem-solving research for organisations, from data privacy to cyber bullying in the work place, hospital process analysis to improve client waiting times, to procurement and supply chain improvement in large and small enterprises via ubiquitous computing.



The Marketing Group’s research impacts on a wide range of businesses including projects with SMEs on marketing metrics, digital marketing and marketing technologies, end user and online service/app specification, usability testing and UX.