Accounting and Finance

DC115 | Undergraduate Degree

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    3 Years
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    September 2019
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DCU’s Accounting and Finance course creates solutions-orientated accountants and financial services professionals with both Irish and international perspectives.

The course takes you from an introduction to accounting basics, through to more complex theoretical and practical accounting studies. You’ll also explore a myriad of other topics, including issues concerning business, law, IT, taxation, auditing, professional ethics, economics, corporate finance, investments, psychology, marketing, HR, management, and communications.

You may also opt to study one of three European languages (French or German or Spanish) as part of the course, giving you an added appeal to employers.

For Fees information, see our fees booklet.


The goal of this degree is to give you in-depth knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspets of accounting and finance, as well as an understanding of the business, legal, taxation and IT context of this work.

The degree is structured around three main areas:

  • Accounting: financial and management accounting are studied from Irish and international perspectives. Taxation, auditing and professional ethics modules are also offered.
  • Finance: a thorough foundation in the principles of economics, corporate finance and topics such as investments is provided.
  • Business: a rounded understanding of the principles of business is developed through the study of subjects such as commercial and company law, psychology, marketing, HR, management, communications, IT, and business strategy

You can also choose to study one of three European languages (French, German or Spanish) as part of the course. You can study a language throughout your degree or drop it after first year, depending on your preference.


A considerable demand continues to exist for accountants, financial managers, and tax and management consultants.

You will be professionally equipped for such careers. In terms of employers you can choose from professional accountancy practices, industry, financial services and the public service, nationally and internationally.

Graduates are granted generous exemptions from the examinations of professional accountancy bodies.

This course is suitable for those who ultimately wish to pursue a career in teaching as it is recognised by the Teaching Council for the purposes of teaching Accounting, and Business.

Graduates have the opportunity to progress to DCU's MSc in Accounting programme, which offers further generous exemptions from professional examinations.   If a student selects optional modules appropriately, they can gain exemption from all Fundamental papers (F1-F9) with the exception of F6 tax. 

CAI Students must get a 2.2 average AND clearly pass (without compensation) all AF subjects that have a CAP1 related subject:

  • Financial Accounting subjects
  • Management Accounting
  • Tax 
  • Law
  • Finance

Career Prospects:

  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Professional Accountant
  • Teaching


Please see the DCU Online Prospectus for entry requirements.









FT - Master in Management 2017
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