Dr Muhammed Maddi

Management Group

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    Dr Muhammed Maddi
  • Department
    Management Group
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    DCU Business School
  • Role
    Part-Time Lecturer & Research Assistant
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    01 700 5069
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Muhammed Maddi

Biographical Details

Dr Muhammed Maddi is a Part-time lecturer and Research Assistant at DCU Business School.

His research interests include procurement and supply chain management in particular how to adopt and implement a new technology, quantitative methods and data analysis using SPSS and AMOS. He is also interested in searching in contracts and tendering management. He is currently teaching Quantitative Methods and Data Analysis to MBA program at DCU focused on quantitative research methodology. He has completed 8 lecturing Business and Management at some Libyan Universities. He has also many years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. Dr. Maddi is currently a research assistant for the H2020 Magic project at DCU Business School.