One of the aspects of Business Studies in DCU that separates it so heavily from other degrees/colleges is the fact that you are given the option to specialise in a particular area for your final year. This is a great opportunity to focus in on whatever area interests, for your final year of studies. Equally, however, this can be a somewhat daunting decision that many students face when returning from Intra or going straight from 2nd Year into Final Year. The appeal of a Business Studies degree for many is the fact it is incredibly versatile but equally general enough that they are not forced to determine what area they would like to go into straight away.

I can remember initially believing that I might specialise in “Management” when I was in 1st Year. At this time, I was completely unsure of what area of Business I was interested in, and I suppose the idea of being in charge is appealing to anyone who isn’t quite sure what they like. This idea was quickly dispelled however as I was given introductions to various modules throughout 1st Year, and I grew more uncertain of where I could see myself working within after graduating.

Upon completion of my first economics module at the end of my first semester at DCU, I felt as if that would be my calling. It was a subject I had studied for the Leaving Cert and had found somewhat interesting (even if my grades didn’t always reflect that). I began to research what sort of job I could expect should I decide to specialise in it and quickly discovered that whilst interesting in its own right, a job within economics was likely not for me.

Throughout 2nd Year I completed multiple marketing modules which I found quite interesting and so began to believe this could be a possible area I could see myself working in. So, when the INTRA application process began I submitted my CV to as many marketing placements on the Portal as I could find. Despite making it to the interview stage for multiple of these positions, I was not fortunate enough to get the job. This was likely due to the fact I was competing with other students in strictly marketing courses whereas I had only completed 2 marketing-based modules within my course at the time.

When I was fortunate enough to receive an INTRA placement, it was within the Payroll and HR Teams of the company I was working with. This meant I received plenty of experience within both finance and HR related work, both of which sectors I also found to be interesting in very different ways.

When it came time to return to DCU for my final year I was left with a lot of potential options for what subject to choose as a specialism. After much research, I ultimately decided to specialize in marketing as this was the area I found myself most engaged and intrigued within lectures. Nearing the end of my first semester, this is not a decision I regret as the practical and theoretical experience I have gained from lectures and working with companies in different modules has been as fascinating as beneficial.

After speaking to friends in other specialisms and who have already graduated alike, I realize how no matter whatever specialism I chose; it was not the definitive path for my career. One student I know who specialised in economics completed their INTRA within a finance team and has plans to return there after graduating. She was advised that an economics specialism was just as useful as one in finance as she would still have to complete her CAP exams either way. Similarly, another friend of mine who has graduated also completed a specialism in economics; has now gone on to study a master’s degree in marketing.

No matter what specialism you choose to study as part of your business undergraduate in DCU, you will gain invaluable experience regardless of the field you decide to enter after graduating.

Author: Peter Killalae, Current Bachelor of Business Studies Student

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My name is Lauren Fitzgerald, and I am currently in my third year of the Bachelor’s in Business Studies degree at Dublin City University. I chose to do an internship for the duration of the year, and I am grateful to be completing it in PwC in the Deal Advisory Department.

The Intra Portal facilitated the process of recruitment with the continuous guidance offered from DCU Careers. Not only did we get the opportunity to have our CVs proofread, but we also had access to support documents to help with the interview process. Once our CVs were approved, we had more time to dedicate to applying to the jobs which we desired by having all the job descriptions in one place and could simply apply by the click of a button. Although applying to different internship roles is something which students could have completed themselves, the intra portal made the entire process stress-free at a crucial time where we need to reflect on future careers.

My role in the Deals Department consists mainly of working in the Business Recovery Services department with a focus on fixed-charge receivership’s. I have also got the chance to do a secondment to another part of the Deals Department known as Transactional Services. I get to work with a variety of people from directors, senior managers, and associates. My co-workers have been supportive from the beginning and they wish for me to gain the most from my time spent in PwC so I am very much seen as a part of the team rather than being given what may be seen as traditional intern jobs with little responsibility. This has enabled growth in my abilities and skills which I can carry forward in my career.

The one thing that has always stood out for me about the Business Studies course in DCU, is the array of business-related modules that we cover. From HR, to communication, critical thinking, and finance. I find this essential to successfully understand the world of business especially when we, as students, get the opportunity to get hands on experience. This is something I truly began to appreciate during my internship as the knowledge I acquired from lectures became applicable in the daily tasks in my department.

There are lots of DCU alumni in PwC which is quite reassuring that the work we do during placement does not go unnoticed. Prior to securing my placement I reached out to students who were in PwC at the time for some tips and guidance to bring forward for my interviews which helped immensely. In my work environment itself, associates and directors who also did Business Studies in DCU were more than happy to discuss their experience. There is a definite sense of community because of this!

I look forward to seeing what my future career in the business world brings but every step so far was crucial to my experience and I can’t thank enough both DCU as my university and PwC as my employer!

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Hello, my name is Katie Walsh, and I am currently in my first semester of my Masters in Aviation Leadership in DCU. Let me rewind and I will give you a better insight into my education and career to date.

From a young age, I have always been interested in travelling and the world of aviation. As a child, I would travel to Australia each year to visit family and I feel that this is where my love of aviation came from. I always said when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up that I wanted to work within the aviation industry and people were always surprised. It wasn’t as common several years ago, but I think in recent years the course in DCU has really promoted the aviation industry as a very attractive industry for people to work in. Coming up to my CAO application, I attended the RDS Career Expo and saw DCU advertising the Aviation Management with Pilot Studies (AMPS) course. I knew this was the course for me as aviation was the only career that I really wanted to pursue.

In 2011, I completed my Leaving Certificate and received enough points to be offered my first choice on the CAO. The course is a mixture of business and aviation and in the first two years gives a great basis in Business Studies along with Aviation specific modules.

During the course, I had some exceptional lecturers, some from academia in DCU and some aviation professionals. Both aspects combined I feel is what makes this course invaluable to students especially as they set out on undertaking their INTRA placements.

During my third year in DCU, I undertook a six-month INTRA placement in Aer Arann (Stobart Air), a regional airline based in Santry. During this placement, I received experience that I will take with me throughout my entire career. Learning the theory of aviation in DCU is extremely important but I can’t emphasise enough how invaluable hands on experience within the industry is. From my placement, I built up an amazing network of aviation professionals.

The main achievement in my degree was graduating top of my class and receiving an award from the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA). I feel that it is only after I graduated and entered the aviation industry full time that it became clear to me how much knowledge I had gained from my degree in DCU.

What I love about the industry is that it is so fast paced, and no day is the same. The aviation industry Is worldwide but what I have come to realise during my career to date is that the industry within Ireland is actually very small and you meet the same people throughout your career in all different positions. The industry is very comparable to a family unit where people have common goals and interests.

After graduating from DCU, I moved to a permanent position within the Safety and Compliance department of Stobart Air and spent eight years there holding several positions. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic Stobart Air went into liquidation and the company ceased trading. It was always my plan to go back to complete my MSc in Aviation Leadership in DCU but felt that I required a few years of experience within the industry first.

In September of this year, I was delighted to be awarded a scholarship from the 30% Club to return to DCU and complete my Masters in Aviation Leadership. I am currently halfway through my first semester and absolutely loving being back.

So, if a career within the Aviation industry excites you, the Aviation Management with Pilot Studies undergraduate course in DCU is the course for you.

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I can recall first hearing about the INTRA Work placement on my very first day of attending DCU. It wasn’t from a lecturer however but rather a friend of mine who has an older brother who had also studied Business and had just finished up on his placement. Admittedly DCU was not initially my first choice on the CAO as I had missed my first-choice course by a few points so upon hearing about this year-long work experience (which wasn’t being offered by the course I didn’t receive), I began to realize how lucky I was to receive a place in DCU and the benefits included such as INTRA.

As the months went by in 1st year, we began to hear other mentions of INTRA but it wasn’t until 2nd Year that it became an experience we were far more aware of. When we first made our CVs with the help of the astounding career guidance team and the initial positions were posted, my course mates and I were incredibly excited to see the various positions being offered in huge companies. 

Whilst it goes without saying that a year-long work placement in an office is an extreme asset when it comes to applying for jobs after graduating, even the process of interviewing and preparation is extremely beneficial in terms of preparation for the working world. I can still recall my first interview which was with Paddy Power for a position on their marketing team. Despite my initial disappointment when I did not receive the job, I was incredibly grateful for the experience that interview alone taught me and when it came to interviewing for other positions after I felt far more confident and prepared.

After multiple other interviews, I was fortunate enough to receive a job in Takeda Pharmaceuticals within their HR and Payroll Teams. Despite the fact I was attempting to get a position involving Marketing, I was incredibly grateful to receive the position and as I would come to realize; the experience was even more rewarding than I had assumed. I gained so much experience in all areas of the business that will undoubtedly stand to me no matter what field I end up in after graduating which is something I would emphasise to business students in 1st and 2nd Year or Leaving Cert students who are considering applying for DCU, the INTRA Placement is invaluable and an aspect that cannot be found in many other universities.

I have recently returned to DCU to complete my final year of studies and have even noticed my work ethic/ability to productively meet deadlines has vastly improved since my impromptu departure from campus in Spring 2020 which I undoubtedly have INTRA to thank for.

The professional contacts you will make during your placement must also be mentioned as I was lucky enough to work alongside multiple great teams with who I have remained in contact with and have been generous enough to assist me with things like CV building.

In summary, the INTRA Placement is an extremely beneficial experience that I simply cannot recommend enough for DCU Students or individuals considering applying to DCU alike and should definitely be an aspect that is considered while filling out your CAO forms.

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Author: Peter Killalea, Bachelor of Business Studies

I was given the opportunity to work as a marketing intern with a technology company called pTools Software which aids in process automation for financial services and governments. They are an Irish founded company with employees in France, South Korea and Czech Republic.

During my time here, I worked on some major projects. The main one being the company’s first ever virtual conference. I was able to create web pages and images that were used throughout the event. I also assisted in the company’s online webinars, blog posts and product launches.

Of course, due to COVID we rarely had physical interactions. Most meetings occurred via Zoom or slack. This led to some funny mishaps, like the time when a pet cat took over my manager’s keyboard or when children hijacked our zoom meetings. However, remote working highlighted to me that we were all learning and adapting together.  Nobody was prepared for this and we all handled this lockdown in the best way we could by balancing work with fun things such as general catch-up calls and quiz nights. 

With this position, I learned how important it is to ask questions before heading into a new task. Prior to this internship, I was a ‘try—fail—ask- ‘ person rather than an ‘ask—try—succeed’ individual. I realised that I had an element of pride in me that stopped me from admitting my shortcomings to another person, similar to Sheldon from Big Bang Theory who rarely asked for help. Now I know that if you’re working with someone who wants to see you succeed, it is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Nobody knows everything. A great example of this was when I was assigned a task that I had no idea how to do. My manager even offered to answer any questions that I had before I began the task. But I was so focused on being perceived as an independent employee (as that was what I believed employers liked in employees) that I disregarded his offer. I went ahead and complicated an easy task as a result of my need for independence. Whilst it is still good to try things out independently, no man is an island. I must remember that we are put into teams for a reason. After this, I started asking detailed questions before beginning any task and I realised that it made me much more efficient and led to me producing higher quality work. It was a long journey, but we got there in the end!

Was it tough? I don’t know, ask my blood pressure! But on a serious note, I suppose what really helped was having a team that supported me and wanted to see me grow & progress. My main piece of advice for future interns; Speak up, be adaptable & pay attention to every little detail.