Human Resource Strategies

2 Years Part-Time

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    2 years part-time
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    €6,000 P.A.
  • 2019 Non-EU Fees
    €12,000 P.A.
  • Start date
    September 2020
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    Will open for applications in Nov 2019

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The Irish HR landscape has dramatically changed over the past few years, so for this reason, DCU Business School has extensively updated the MSc in Human Resource Strategies programme. The programme, which has been running since 1997, has established a reputation as the leading programme in Ireland for managers and professionals who are interested in pursuing a strategic approach to human resource issues in their organisations. It has attracted a wide variety of participants including human resource professionals and consultants, training and development professional, and employee relations specialists, in addition to line managers and those involved in managing their own companies.

The focus of the programme is closely aligned with CIPD's HR professional map and contributes towards the development of the behaviours required to undertake key leadership roles in organisations. This will be achieved by a focus on the following areas:

  • Organisational Behaviour and Change
  • Talent Management
  • Strategic Human Resource Management and Employee Engagement
  • Employee Relations and Employment Law
  • Strategic Management
  • International HRM
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Research and Consulting Project

 The tools and techniques that are used during the programme enable participants to gain insights into, and feedback on, their strengths and weaknesses in an environment that is removed from the political issues that may predominate in their own work organisations. These tools many include methods to explore learning styles, creativity and innovation, systems thinking, leadership profiles and team-working.

The MSc in Human Resource Strategies programme equips managers and professionals with the competencies needed to take on challenging roles in turbulent times. These competencies drive other skills and abilities including creativity, mental agility, balanced learning habits and self-knowledge. These higher level competencies are particularly critical for success at senior management level and are crucial to establishing personal credibility. A participant in the programme is therefore not only embarking on an education programme but is also engaging in a management development process that is designed to enhance personal learning and development.This part-time programme runs over two years with classes once a week (Wednesdays from 17:00 - 21:00).

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The MSc in Human Resource Strategies programme equips managers and professionals with the competencies needed to take on challenging roles in turbulent times. On completion students will have acquired

  • Mastery in problem diagnosis and the implementation of solutions as guided by theoretical and empirical research;
  • An ability to adopt a broad strategic perspective, rather than a narrow, functional one when resolving organisational and human resource problems;
  • An increased awareness of how career goals can be realised using a variety of personal and professional development techniques;
  • An ability to use advanced skills to conduct, implement and communicate research that will bring about successful organisational change.

Career ProspectsResearch conducted by the LInK Research Centre at DCU has shown statistically significant changes in leadership style over the course of the programme with participants demonstrating increased preference for developmental styles, in particular embracing the need for change, challenge and risk under conditions of freedom and scope for personal choice.

These leadership competencies are crucial in organisations facing conditions of uncertainty and rapid change.

This change process has proven to be very successful for managers completing the programme and has resulted in positive career moves and promotions.

"The DCU MSc in HR Strategies course is the best course that I’ve ever undertaken. It was an excellent blend of high quality, interactive academic lectures and research and the practical application of the learning in my own workplace setting. The course has transformed the way I go about analysing strategic challenges and has given me a robust skillset to build a fit for purpose HR strategy and system for any organisation. The last two years have been very challenging, stimulating, interesting and extremely rewarding. In my classmates and lecturers, I have also met an amazing group of people who I look forward to interacting with for a long time. I am very happy that I chose the course in DCU. It has given my confidence, my skills portfolio and my career a huge boost!"

Milla Mamia, People & Change Consulting Manager, PwC

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Open Day: Monday, 28th January 2019

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