Management Development Programmes

DCU Business School has extensive experience dealing with managers at all levels and from various disciplines, working equally effective with executives in the public and private sectors.

Over the last number of years, DCU Business School has designed and delivered organisational and leadership development programmes for a wide range of organisations. Programmes range from short interventions designed to address specific organisational and leadership challenges, to fully fledged Executive MBA programmes.

DCU Business School has a proven track record of effective partnership with Irish and international clients such as Enterprise Ireland, Invest Northern Ireland and the Irish Stock Exchange.

To facilitate organisations in meeting the management development needs posed by the current complex and challenging business environment, we carefully design and develop specialised management development programmes, which undergo a rigorous process of approval to ensure that they meet the University's standards of quality. 

Go Global for Growth

Go Global 4 Growth

Go Global for Growth (GG4G) is a unique and innovative programme designed and developed by DCU for Enterprise Ireland with the goal of delivering world class leadership team development to Irish SMEs.

As GG4G represents Enterprise Ireland’s largest budget leadership development initiative, DCU overcame intense international competition and was awarded the tender to develop and deliver the programme. Our specialist team of programme designers created an unparalleled programme aimed at assisting the top management team of Irish SMEs to take a detailed assessment of their structures, strategy, leadership, operations and approach to innovation.

Considering the time demands on the top management team of any growing SME, the DCU design team created a new paradigm programme called the “flipped approach” where DCU coaches spend more time in the firms working with top managers and the team, as the participants spend in workshops at DCU. Nearly 50 hours of individual and team coaching ‘in the firm’ allows participating managers apply the tools, insights and concepts covered in the DCU based workshops (three X 2 days workshops spread over 7 months) and ensures real-time implementation.

Leadership Team

The two day intensive workshops at DCU are led by DCU’s world class facilitators where the top teams work collaboratively at charting their growth strategy supported by the best contemporary evidence and practice.This expertise is evidenced by the fact that  DCU Business School is the only Business School in Ireland to attain the ABS Small Firms accreditation for excellence in working with the SMEs sector. As the GG4G programme represents one of the largest SME development initiatives ever undertaken in Ireland with the programme aiming to assist over 600 Irish SMEs over the next four years cementing DCU’s position as Ireland’s University of Enterprise.


Other Programmes

Customised and Tailored Programmes

DCU's Centre for Executive & International Education (CEIE) has a long and successful tradition of responding to the developmental needs of contemporary organisations, designing and delivering award winning bespoke developmental solutions for client firms. Solutions range from mentoring and succession planning initiatives through to full mutli-year multi-level programmes including international modules in collaboration with our global partners network.

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