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Director of Alumni Relations 

We are committed to developing a lifelong mutually supportive relationship with our graduates.  The Alumni office provides lifelong engagement opportunities for all our graduates both domestically and internationally. We plan to increase alumni engagement during 2023, in line with feedback from the recent alumni survey – graduates expressed a desire for closer contact, engagement and to understand how they can support the University.

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Each month we pick a member of our alumni community to be our alum of the month. Below are the alumni that have been chosen so far.

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Each month we pick a member of our alumni community to be our alum of the month. Below are the alumni that have been chosen so far.

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Industry Corner

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Interest free loans have become more common in recent years for various reasons not least of which is the difficulty that people are experiencing getting on to the property ladder and parents opting to help their adult children by advancing…
Neil Redmond PWC 4th Nov 2022


Background The Network and Information Systems 2 Directive is a European directive aimed at strengthening cybersecurity in the European Union (EU) proposed by the European Commission. The NIS2 Directive aims to enhance the security of…
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Thinking of investing? It can be easier than you think…

I began my career in wealth management back in 2011 with the remnants of the Global financial crash still very much at the forefront of public discourse in Ireland. A.s the economy boomed through the noughties and the Celtic Tiger reigned supreme,…
Domhnaill Hernon

The metaverse is dead- long live the metaverse

All emerging technologies go through the same hype cycle: initial extreme hype (this technology will change the world), extreme disillusionment (this technology is dead), slow enlightenment (aha, there are some real use cases with Return on…
Screenshot 2023 12 12 161807

Considerations for Digital transformation & adoption of GenAI

Digital transformation is a key enabler for any organisation, regardless of sector or industry, in driving growth strategies. The importance of being agile to enable & achieve scale & growth requires a robust digital infrastructure…
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Angel Investor Relief

Many of you will be aware that the standard rate of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) here in Ireland is currently 33%. Our legislation provides for some reliefs – for example where full Retirement Relief is available the effective rate of CGT is 0%…
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Aircraft Leasing and What to Expect in 2024

About Aircraft Leasing in Ireland: Since its inception in 1975, Ireland has become a global leader in the industry managing over 60% of the world’s leased aircraft. Its resilience has been demonstrated in recent years overcoming two notable…
Aaron Cahill HR Transformation Full Size Image B 002

Project Management Methodology Evolution in Traditional Organisations

Project management in all organisations including traditionally legacy ones is changing. There is more regulation and an increased focus on Agile project management methodologies with an additional lens on data-driven KPI’s and OKR’s for…
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Budget 2024

Budget season is nigh (10th of October) and kites are flying so I am going to pin my flag to a mast and outline some of the likely changes that can be expected in Budget 2024.  Making predictions is a dangerous game, committing them to writing…



Mentorship and Maternity: Balancing Life, Career, and Giving Back to DCU

Why did you choose to give back to DCU by volunteering to mentor a student?  DCU is my Alma Mater and it holds a special place in my heart. When you spend 4 of your formative years in business school it shapes your character, you develop lifelong…

From DCU to Leadership: My Journey Through Education, Career, and Personal Growth

Hi everyone, My name is Jeannine Hillen, I attended DCU Business School where I studied International Marketing and Languages (French & Spanish) as an undergrad. During my time at DCU I was able to explore many different subjects from…
Maura McAdam e1638262456450
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Press Release: An Intersectional Exploration of the Experiences of Lesbian and Gay Entrepreneurs

New research from DCU and Technology University Dublin charts LGBT+ entrepreneurs’ experiences of homophobia, and managing their identity in the workplace.  The research from Prof Maura McAdam (DCU), Dr Etain Kidney and Professor Thomas…
Niamh Kavanagh
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Busting Myths About Postgraduate and PhD Study

I was initially hesitant about the prospect of postgraduate study. Following the completion of my undergraduate degree, I felt lost. Many of my classmates had started to pursue careers related to our area of study, and I wasn’t sure that was…

Diversity and inclusion now a “business necessity” in the modern workplace, according to HR experts

The world of work is changing. Changes in general society find their way into our work environments, whether it’s cutting-edge technology becoming a mainstay of most offices or changing work dynamics thanks to the popularity of remote working. More…
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The Lifelong Learner: How an MBA Transformed My Career and Life

  After graduating with a Masters in Public Relations in 2010, my first boss congratulated me, but also brought me right back down to earth pretty swiftly when he told me that I’d have to continuously dip back in to further…
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DCU and MyFitnessPal study on social media health and wellness trends highlights urgent need for digital health literacy

Preliminary findings of research on Gen Z TikTok users and influencers conducted by MyFitnessPal, the leading global nutrition and food tracking app, and the Irish Institute of Digital Business at DCU has identified an urgent need for digital…
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Careers Piece: Pádraic Mackin – Treasury Dealer at AIB & MSc in Finance Alumnus

What inspired you to do a Masters in Finance? It was something I always had a keen interest in, however after spending a couple of years working in the insurance sector I knew I wanted to get into a “financial markets” based role. I felt…
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Dragon’s Den 2024: Fostering Entrepreneurial Excellence at DCU Business School

Dragons' Den serves as a capstone module within the curriculum of our Business School, embodying the culmination of students' academic journey and entrepreneurial aspirations.  This year, on the third floor of Dublin City University's Business…


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