Dr Martin Quinn

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    Dr Martin Quinn
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    Accounting Group
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    DCU Business School
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    Senior Lecturer in Accounting
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    01 700 5144
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    Glasnevin Campus
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Martin Quinn

Biographical Details

A Chartered Management Accountant since 1994, I also have a BA(Hons) in Business Studies and an MSc in Management and Applications of IT in Accounting. I have worked in manufacturing firms in Ireland (finance and IT roles) for 11 years.Three years were spent in a small indigenous manufacturing company and eight years with a global paper company. I acquired intimate knowledge of the paper and packaging industry in both finance and information technology fields. My final two years in the paper industry entailed a high level of involvement in an ERP implementation in Europe.I joined DCU Business School in 2004. I obtained my PhD at the University of Dundee, Scotland, under the supervision of Prof John Burns in 2010. 

Today, my research focuses on organisational and accounting change, including information systems change. I also conduct some research in the area of accounting history. From a theoretical perspective, I draw in institutional theory, organizational routines and change frameworks in my research