Dr Marty Reilly

Management Group

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    Dr Marty Reilly
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    Management Group
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    DCU Business School
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    Lecturer in Management
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    01 700 5996
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    Glasnevin Campus
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Marty Reilly

Biographical Details

My research and teaching interests include Strategy and International Business; which I teach at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. My research to date incorporates a capabilities perspective to examine how subsidiaries of MNC's can leverage their resource base to exert influence within their networks. In addition, the capacity and scope of subsidiaries to pursue explorative trajectories whilst simultaneously remaining aligned with their mandated role is a further area of analysis, as is the impact of this on strategic learning, innovation and longevity of operations. 

Additionally, my current role within DCUBS includes programme director for the Global Business suite of international degree programmes.

I'm currently looking to take on funded PhD students in the areas of International Business, Strategy & Innovation.