Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To educate leaders and professionals for the global marketplace.  Through our teaching, our research, and our engagement with industry, we contribute proactively to the development of individuals, industry, and society.

Our Vision

To be recognised as an International Business School that transforms individuals, industry, and society through our excellence in our teaching and research.

The Values which underpin and shape our thinking and actions, and the behaviours that characterise them, are:

Engaged       →        In our teaching, research, and industry engagement we are collaborative, connected, innovative, and entrepreneurial.

Dynamic       →        In developing our school we are responsive, progressive, courageous, and resilient.

Responsible →        In our activities and conduct we are conscientious, sustainable, ethical, and honourable.

Open              →       In our interactions we are inclusive, collegiate, supportive, and respectful.

Our Mission is translated into strategic objectives and actions via four interlinked Strategic Goals:

  1. To enable students to become agents of transformational change for their careers, for local and international business, and wider society.
  2. To elevate the School’s profile and influence as an internationally recognized research community, producing high-quality research that addresses global challenges.
  3. To be a go-to partner for industry, fostering symbiotic collaborations across our teaching, executive education, and research activities.
  4. To intensify the international activities and profile of the School, such that we are recognised as a mature, deeply internationalised school.

Source: DCU Business School’s Strategy (2023-2028).