Research Students at DCU

 ‘A PhD is a life-changing personal journey. It is the mental equivalent of running the London marathon or swimming the Channel’ (Russel, 2008, p. 132)

DCU Business School is characterised by a vibrant research community and we provide unrivalled research support to postgraduate research students.

We currently offer the following research programmes:

  1. A Ph.D. Programme (both full-time and part-time)
  2. Masters by Research Programme (part-time)

Undertaking a research degree facilitates in-depth study in a discipline in which the student already has a good academic grounding.  DCU Business School also encourages inter-disciplinary research, where the student has appropriate knowledge in cognate areas.  The research programme also provides for the development of skills in organising, undertaking, presenting, and managing research projects that will stand to the graduate in whatever career he or she pursues afterwards.  Having a research degree marks you out as someone with both specialist knowledge in your discipline and the ability and commitment to manage and complete a demanding and challenging piece of academic research.  DCU Business School Research Programmes are supported throughout the research programme.  Students are given supervision of an expert panel, students are encouraged to attend seminars, present at conferences and publish work in scholarly articles.

Currently we have over 60 post-graduate students, registered in PhD and Doctorate programmes.  Their research topics reflect the diverse nature of the School’s research activities and our research strengths. Browse the list of current research students' project titles and supervisors to get a flavour of the diversity of our work and to see if your research idea could be pursued at DCU.


Applications Procedures

Candidates must apply through the PAC (Postgraduate Application Centre) system after securing the support of a potential supervisor. For guidance on finding a potential supervisor and the application procedures please visit DCU Graduate Studies Application Procedures

Please note that if there are no members of faculty who have undertaken, or are interested in undertaking, research closely related to that of a proposal, it is unlikely that the proposal will be accepted.  Therefore, you should ensure that your proposed topic is close to the research interests of one or more members of faculty.  You may establish this through correspondence with relevant members of faculty and by viewing the research profiles of our faculty members.

When preparing your proposal you must ensure that you:

  • clearly outline your chosen research question,
  • display your familiarity with relevant literature relating to your overall research question in appropriate research journals,
  • show how your question is located in the relevant research literature,
  • indicate the contribution your research will make to this body of research, and
  • suggest possible methodologies that may be appropriate for your study.

More information and guidelines for writing a research proposal are available here.

All academic inquiries in relation to the Ph.D. programmes at DCU Business School should be directed to:


Scholarship Opportunities

Our PhD programme combines scholarly theory-building with a strong applied focus.  Research scholars work under the supervision of an academic expert and are an important part of DCU Business School’s vibrant research community.  The scholarships will allow students to undertake research in a specialist discipline. 

Visit the Scholarships Opportunities page at the Graduate Studies Office for further scholarship opportunities.  The 2018 DCU Business School scholarship call details can be found here and the application form here


Current Scholars

You can view all our full and part-time Research Scholars here

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