Demand has continued to increase for degree programmes at DCU Business School, recently accredited by AACSB as one of the top 5% of business schools globally. The most significant features here were increases in points for Global Business degrees including Global Business (Spain) up by 15 points to 515; Global Business (USA) up by 10 points to 590 and Global Business (Germany) up by 5 points to 470.

2016 Points by Course:

DC110 – Business Studies International: 465 (no change)

DC111 – Business Studies: 470 (+5)

DC112 – Global Business (France): 500 (no change)

DC113 – Global Business (Germany): 470 (+5)

DC114 – Global Business (Spain): 515 (+15)

DC115 – Accounting and Finance: 485 (+10)

DC116 – Global Business (USA): 590 (+10)

DC117 – Aviation Management/Aviation Management with Pilot Studies: 460 (+5)

DC119 – Global Business (Canada): 545 (-25)

DC240 – Marketing, Innovation & Technology: 470 (no change)

Congratulations to everyone receiving their CAO offers today. We look forward to welcoming a new batch of future business leaders onto our top business degree programmes next month! For more information about what do to next, visit: