DCU’s Centre for Family Business is holding a half-day conference entitled ‘Professionalising Your Family Business’ on Tuesday 24th March.

The prosperity of Ireland is dependent on the strength of family business but for family firms, survival is a fundamental issue and they face multiple challenges. The aim of this event is to present the challenges family businesses face on a day-to-day basis, to discuss how professionalisation will ultimately drive growth and to explore how to build your social capital for enduring family business.

The keynote speaker will be Dr Timothy Habbershon, Managing Director of Fidelity Investments in the USA. Dr Habbershon is also advisor to Johnson family of Fidelity Investments and founding director of the Institute for Family Enterprising, Babson College, Massachusetts. Other speakers include: Bobby Kerr, Chairman of Insomnia Coffee Company and Jonathan Stafford, Managing Director of Stafford Funeral Homes.

Panellists on the day will include Colm Mac Fhionnlaoich, Client Development Manager, Enterprise Ireland, Paul Hennessy, Business Partner, PwC Ireland, Michael Slein, Founder and Director, LED Group and Dave Byrne, Managing Director, Dualtron Ltd.

For further information, please visit the DCU Centre for Family Business website