Dublin City University (DCU) Business School is the top business school in Europe for faculty gender balance

The prestigious Financial Times has ranked DCU Business School as the top European Business School for gender balance for 2018. Almost half of DCU Business School’s faculty members are female and the Executive Dean of the Business School is Professor Anne Sinnott. The business school has been placed overall joint 88th in the latest ranking of European Business Schools from the Financial Times (FT).

Commenting on this achievement, Executive Dean of DCU Business School Professor Anne Sinnott said,

Commenting further on DCU Business School’s overall ranking, Professor Sinnott continued, “We are delighted to place within the top 95 Business Schools in Europe in this ranking, in recognition of the excellence of our postgraduate education.  The high standard of our programmes, established by comprehensive and rigorous analysis through the Financial Times’ independent evaluation, sets us apart on the global stage. It reinforces our reputation for quality in business education and our commitment to preparing our students for successful careers that enable them to contribute effectively to a constantly changing world. This recognition serves as a marker of quality and helps to foster collaboration among global peer universities and with industry partners, both hallmarks of our distinctive approach to business education at DCU.”

At postgraduate level, DCU’s MSc in Management is ranked in the Financial Times Top 90 globally. Factors such as employment success and career progress among graduates, research output, student diversity and programme quality form the basis of this annual programme ranking system.