Pictured: From left to right Sophie Moran, Maeve O’Seaghdha, Deidre Doyle (The Cool Food School), Kim Clarke, and Lucy Murphy.

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From Theory to Practice: Marketing, Innovation, and Technology students provide creative consulting advice to food education business, The Cool Food School

DCU Business School consistently aims connect students with real life industry practices. We provide the theoretical basis for students about a myriad of different business concepts, but also strive to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their learnings in a real life context. 

Such has been the case for Bachelor of Marketing, Innovation, and Technology students, currently in their final semester of their degree. Through the course of their degree, and in particular their current Marketing, Management and Planning module, students have acquired substantial knowledge of strategic marketing practices, particularly those most suitable for the SME environment. 

The students over the past number of weeks have been working hard on a client consulting project, looking at Greystones based The Cool Food School. The Cool Food School, run by it’s enthusiastic founder Deirdre Doyle, provides fun and interactive healthy food education to young children, both in person and digitally. The students were tasked with analysing the environment in which The Cool Food School operates and provide creative recommendations that can enable strategic growth. 

We were delighted to invite Deirdre back today to see what the students had put together. The students emphasised the power Deirdre’s enthusiasm has in terms of her overall brand image and how this is one of her greatest brand assets. The students, who are well acquainted with digital marketing communications methods, provided The Cool Food School with some helpful insight into navigating platforms such as TikTok for marketing purposes and driving customer engagement. These recommendations, along with Deirdre’s enthusiasm for the brand, can lead to a cohesive brand image and one that customers can connect with and recognise at a glance. 

Both The Cool Food School and the students gained value from this project. For The Cool Food School, the theoretical and practical knowledge shared by students is sure to prove useful when looking at strategic growth. For the students, they were delighted to be given the chance to look into a company which they all admitted found fun and exciting and recognised Deirdre’s passion for her company.

Author: Paul Anderson, Senior Teaching Assistant